Interested to be the pilot site for our Behavioural Analysis?

Dear TheMarketsTrust followers,

TheMarketsTrust is a startup active in the field of risk analysis, big data and behavioral finance. We are currently the sole fin-tech start-up in Luxembourg dedicated to capital markets, and we are supported by LuxFutureLab, BGL-BNP Paribas’s start-up incubator.

Our behavioural finance R&D team is developing risk models that analyse trading patterns based on behavioural finance theories, i.e. non-rational investment decisions analysis.

We are currently looking for pilot sites to deploy showcase applications that apply the new behavioral finance models combined with big data analysis. Should you be interested by this approach, we will be happy to meet you and discuss some of your current pain points, and see how they could be solved by our approach.  

To this end, please do not hesitate to contact us :

email: [email protected]
phone:+352 661 118 417

With our best regards, 

TheMarketsTrust team